Donation and Sponsorship

Town Hall and Symphony Hall are managed by B:Music Ltd, a Registered Charity (No. 1053937) and relies on voluntary contributions from its audience and other funders. Donations and sponsorship help every element of B:Music Ltd’s work both on stage and off and they enable us to continue to offer an accessible and ground breaking platform for music in the West Midlands: from the presentation of world-class artists and orchestras, to nurturing a lifelong love of music through our Learning and Participation programme.

The organisation is committed to fundraising best practice and abides by the Fundraising Regulator’s key principles: to be legal, open, honest and respectful. We undertake to comply with relevant laws and regulations, including the Proceeds of Crime Act, General Data Protection Regulation, Tax and Gift Aid legislation, and Charity Commission guidance, as well as our own policies, such as Anti-Bribery.

The Development Department oversees all potential donations and corporate partnerships for compliance and risk. Final decisions may be escalated to B:Music Ltd’s Board of Trustees. The Board will always operate in the best long-term interest of B:Music Ltd, its partners, and audiences - acting prudently and carefully when deciding to accept or refuse voluntary contributions. The Board will refuse a gift if it believes that it may be detrimental to the organisation, partners or audiences.

If you would like more information about donations and sponsorship at B:Music Ltd, the music charity responsible for Town Hall and Symphony Hall, please contact our Development Team