Work for B:Music

B:Music is the music charity responsible for the iconic venues Symphony Hall and Town Hall. We host over 850 events each year in support of our mission to inspire a love of live music through performance, participation and learning.

The success of these events rely on the B:rilliant B:Music team. We come from all walks of life, from gigging musicians, professional opera singers and DJs through to ex-probation officers and teachers. Our roles range from casual shifts to full-time salaried and include Finance, I.T, Marketing, Catering and Development as well as jobs more typically associated with live music - Technicians, Programme, Box Office and Front of House roles.

What we have in common is our passion for live performance and our belief that music is essential and has the power to transform and change lives, to entertain and uplift, to create shared experiences and to educate.

Our team is centre stage of our organisation, even when they're behind the scenes, in the kitchen or in the office. If you share our beliefs and passion and want to use your skills to build the best experience for audiences and artists, please look at our available roles.

Meet the Team

Find out more about some of the B:Music team: what they do, where they started, what inspires them and what advice they give people coming into their sector

Lerah: Marketing & Communications Officer

Our team come from all walks of life, what we have in common is our passion for live music.

Lerah joined our Marketing team straight out of uni, and as a Kpop and Filipino pop & rock fan she loved finding out what music other staff members were into. Even better was the opportunity to interview Birmingham Poet Laureate Jasmine Gardosi ahead of their performance ‘Dancing to Music You Hate’, a blend of beatbox, poetry and Celtic music at Symphony Hall.

This was the moment Lerah’s two worlds, work and writing, collided; Jasmine was an early mentor to Lerah when she started her journey into poetry. Six years on Lerah is a writer and poet in her own right. Her fantasy series inspired by Filipino mythology, folklore and superstition has been picked up by an agent and a short story is set to be published in a Modern Gothic anthology in October. We can’t wait to see her work in a bookstore (and proudly displayed in our office) very soon!

Emily: Events & Ticketing Officer

Our team are centre stage of our organisation, even when they're behind the scenes, in the kitchen or the office.

Emily joined B:Music in 2021 and was surprised by how many of our staff are performers in their own right! Emily herself is a passionate Am Dram member performing in pantos and musical theatre, as well as making her own incredible resin jewellery. Emily's favourite thing about her job is getting to hear about new artists and performers and advises anyone starting a career supporting the arts to try and get experience in as many venues, and as many areas of venues, as they can to get a flavour of how everything works and comes together.

Kieran: Senior Events & Ticketing Officer

A great night out starts with the B:Music team!

Our Events and Ticketing Officers work diligently behind the scenes to make sure every single one of the hundreds of events we host each year has a unique seating plan that links our ticketing system and website to make clear the price, any restricted sightlines and access of each seat in our venues.

One of the reason Kieran loves his job is that he is in a really privileged position to be able to see a diverse range of artists, sometimes with access to free tickets. He advises people interested in a career in Events try and experience as many different types of show as possible to broaden their horizons.

Kieran was lucky to see Joan Rivers on her last ever tour at Symphony Hall and describes the experience as ‘the most hilarious couple of hours I’ve ever had in my life!’

Jade: Production Coordinator

Jade says ‘Getting to visually (and audibly) experience a full production come together right in front of you is pretty cool, but the cherry on the top is seeing the audience enjoying themselves. Seeing the hard work pay off in a way that brings joy and entertainment to others will never not be rewarding!’

One of Jade’s most memorable moments at work was the first time she stood on the Symphony Hall stage. Looking around the auditorium from that perspective really made her appreciate the complexities of the design and engineering, which is a huge reason why it’s renowned as one of the greatest concert halls globally!

If you’re interested in a career as a Production Coordinator, Jade recommends that you be a sponge! Absorb every piece of information, be eager to learn more, and ask questions. Your attitude and commitment will shine through to the right people who will happily give you the opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge.

Prior to B:Music Jade worked with artists in management and development and is absolutely, totally, 100% passionate about finding and promoting new and emerging talent.

Chris: Head of Programme

As Head of Programme Chris has his ear to the ground, and the speaker, and the phone – this job is all about people, from knowing what audiences want to building relationships with artists and promoters so they want to come to our venues.

Chris advises people starting out in the industry to ‘be open to music of all kinds, find your ‘thing’ and reach out to the people already achieving it to ask for help and guidance – you just never know what might happen!’

And Chris knows what reaching out can do - the best thing that has happened to him in his career was presenting Tony Bennett with a framed photograph of Symphony Hall to celebrate the end of his 90th birthday world tour in 2019. He called the venue ‘the finest concert hall in the world.’ Having listened to Tony’s music every Sunday at his grandparents’ house whilst having the weekly roast dinner, to presenting him with a thank you is something that he’ll never forget.

When Chris isn’t booking bands he’s playing in them! Chris is a saxophonist who plays in bands across multiple genres – but classic Motown will always hold a special place in his heart.