We are committed to fully understanding and minimising our impact upon the environment through our work on our Green Action Plan.

We will take practical actions to improve our environmental sustainability across our two City Centre venues and develop a positive culture of environmental awareness and responsibility among our employees, performers, promoters, audiences, customers, participants and suppliers.

We will:

  • Continue our Trustee led Green Group to ensure we fulfil the actions we have set ourselves in our Green Action Plan
  • Where possible reduce our environmental impact in energy and water consumption, waste generation and disposal, acting responsibly and efficiently
  • Promote a proactive sustainability culture through continued employee engagement and focused initiatives
  • Encourage the use of environmentally friendly forms of transport by employees, audiences, artists and visitors to our venues
  • Communicate our Green goals and impacts to our employees, audiences, artists and visitors to our venues
  • Develop a Green training programme and annual Go Green! Day for our employees
  • Report annually to our Trustees on our Green goals and impacts