An Associate Artist at THSH since 2007, Ex Cathedra is a leading UK choir and Early Music ensemble with a repertoire that reaches from the 12th to the 21st centuries. 

Ex Cathedra are known for theirr passion for seeking out the best, the unfamiliar and the unexpected in the choral repertoire and for giving dynamic performances underpinned by detailed research.

Founded in 1969 by Jeffrey Skidmore,the group has grown into a unique musical resource, comprising specialist chamber choir, vocal Consort, period-instrument orchestra and a thriving education programme, aiming to explore, research and commission the finest choral music and to set the highest standards for excellence in performance and training.

Ex Cathedra are often asked about their name. ‘Cathedra’ is the name for a bishop’s throne, in the same way that a cathedral is the building that houses that throne. When Jeffrey Skidmore and one of the founding members of the choir were choosing a name for the new group, they chose Ex Cathedra because it literally means ‘from the throne’ or in English usage ‘with authority’. At the time, Jeffrey and several members of the choir sang at Birmingham Cathedral, so the pun was attractive. But researching and understanding the repertoire so that it can be performed with authority, style and passion has been a guiding principle since those first performances in 1969.