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Questions about your booking

I’m about to purchase online, but I notice some seats have an “I” designated to them.

This indicates further information can be found regarding the position of the seat or can, in some cases, mean there is restricted view. Hovering your cursor above the seat gives further information.

Where are my tickets?

Tickets will be dispatched as close as possible to the performance date. Please contact us if you haven’t received your tickets two calendar weeks before your event.

I’ve misplaced my tickets. Can I still attend the concert?

Yes, e-tickets can be accessed online by logging in to your account on our website. We’re also happy to re-print your tickets on the concert date at the venue's Box Office. There is a £2 duplication fee for this service.

You don't need to print your tickets, where possible please B:Green and show them to our staff on your phone!

My ticket says start time to be confirmed - what does this mean?

Sometimes promoters cannot confirm a start time for some events until very close to the performance date. Please check back with us near to the concert date.

What's the commission fee and what is it for?

Some events may carry a £1-£5ticket commission; charged per ticket. This is charged when you book through B:Music’s Box Office – online, by phone or in person. Any advertised prices will include any per-ticket fee that may apply.

The fee is set when taking the total ticket price into consideration but is capped at £5. Alongside other income streams such as commercial hires and bars & hospitality, booking fees support our operating costs, which in turn, allows us to reinvest in B:Music Limited (charity no. 1053937) and the services we provide.

What are e-tickets?

e-tickets are a method of receiving your tickets via e-mail. Rather than having tickets posted to you, or collecting them from the Box Office, an email is sent following a confirmation email, with a PDF attachment containing your tickets.

e-tickets can be accessed online by logging in to your account on our website.

There is no need to print them, where possible please B:Green and show them to our staff on your phone!

How do e-tickets work?

e-tickets are the quickest way to receive your tickets. If it is available on the event you are buying for, it will display as a delivery option. The PDF tickets will then be sent to the email address provided during your booking and will contain the total number of tickets purchased per order.

Where possible please B:Green and show the PDFs on your smart phone or tablet device. If you do not have access to either, please print the tickets - either in colour or black and white - and bring them with you.

e-tickets can be accessed online by logging in to your account on our website.

If I order multiple tickets how many emails will I get?

You will receive two e-mails per order, the first is a confirmation email and the second contains the PDF attachment for your tickets.

How long does it take to receive my e-ticket?

Usually your tickets will arrive within an hour of receiving your confirmation email.

What if I don't receive my e-tickets?

If you don’t receive your e-ticket email within a few hours of booking, please check the junk mail and spam settings on your email account and any web security software your use. Your e-tickets may be in your spam filter or junk mail folder. We advise that you check there before contacting us. If using a work or school email, your account may have filters that are blocking our emails - please contact your IT administrator to check.

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may also be blocking your e-ticket email by mistaking it for spam. You can add the B:Music email address (boxoffice@bmusic.co.uk) to your email contacts so it becomes a trusted address.

It is also possible that you may have entered your email address incorrectly when placing the order or creating your account.

e-tickets can be accessed online by logging in to your account on our website.

If you are still unable to find your e-tickets please call our Box Office and if possible have your booking reference to hand.

I forgot to print my e-tickets, can I show them on my phone?

Yes! We encourage everyone to show these PDFs on your smart phone or tablet device rather than printing where possible.

Is there a postage fee on tickets?

B:Music is moving towards full digital ticketing for all events and from April 03 2023 we will no longer post physical tickets unless requested by the customer. Digital ticketing allows instant delivery of ticket purchases and helps us to minimise our environmental impact by reducing our use of paper tickets and the wider carbon footprint associated with postal delivery. We appreciate that some customers may still prefer to receive physical tickets by post and we have therefore retained the option to select this at checkout at a cost of £2 per order.

American Express

Please note from Monday 04 March we are no longer able to accept American Express cards for payment.

Questions about your visit

How do I get to the venue?

For information on Getting to Symphony Hall, click here.

For information on Getting to Town Hall, click here.

Do you offer disabled parking at each venue?

Yes, we do offer parking facilities at Symphony Hall for Blue Badge holders registered on our Access Scheme. This should be requested at time of booking tickets, and is subject to availability. Please contact the Box Office by phone or in person. Bookings cannot be made on the day of the performance. We are not able to offer parking facilities at Town Hall.

Am I allowed to take my bag in with me?

Please note that bags and items that will not safely fit under your seat will not be permitted entry to the building.

Where can I find running times for an event?

Running times for today's events can be accessed by calling our booking line and by choosing Option 1. All running times are subject to change due to the nature of live performance and often not known until a few days before the concert takes place at our venues.

Are latecomers allowed into the hall?

Yes, our stewards will do their best to show persons running late into the event at a suitable break within the programme.

Do I need to buy a ticket for my baby?

Ordinarily a child of 18 months or less will be classed as a babe in arms and will not require a ticket.

In some instances however, some promoters may make the decision to alter this age limit for particular events. Please check with our Box Office if you're unsure.

Is there a dress code?

No, there is usually no dress code for events at our halls. However we’ll always make it clear at time of booking if the show you’re interested in has a dress code.

Questions about refunds

Can I return my ticket for a refund?

B:Music do not offer refunds unless the concert has been cancelled or rescheduled.

I purchase ticket protection. How can I request a refund?

You can claim a refund at Refund Application (ticketplangroup.com)