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Gill and Suzy are Cliff Richard superfans – they’re also members of Halas Homes Sing & Sign Choir. So we invited them along to his performance at Symphony Hall, a B:Music venue this weekend.

Halas Homes is a residential home in Halesowen which works with people with learning disabilities, whether they’re residents, in respite care, in supported living or taking part in day activities.

Around a dozen of the members are regulars with Sing and Sign. In a normal year, their highlights are performing at Town Hall, in Families Together At Christmas and taking part in Community Spirit at Symphony Hall.

Speaking of their performances at B:Music venues, Gill said: ‘I like to think that I’m standing on the same spot where Cliff Richard stood, we might even use the same dressing room.’

Here’s what they had to say about his performance at Symphony Hall this weekend.

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