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Town Hall is a historic venue: but did you know the amazing history of the Town Hall Organ?

See below for fantastic facts and click here for the history of Town Hall

1. The organ case is height of two double decker buses stacked on top of each other!

The whole organ measures at a whopping 70 feet (21 meters) but the largest pipe alone is as tall the average house!

2. It has more than double the number of pipes since it was first built

When it was originally built in 1890 it had 3,000 pipes but now it has over 6,000!

3. In today’s money it cost over £400,000 to build

Paid via public funds, this would have been approximately £3,000 back in 1890 when it was created.

4. The largest pipe can hold 7 bathtubs full of water!

Its interior has a measurement of 24 cubic ft.

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