About Kevin Dutton: The World's Most Dangerous Serial Killers and Psychopaths

Psychopath! As soon as you hear it who do you think of? Hannibal Lecter? Real-life serial killers like Ted Bundy? You certainly don’t think of top surgeons, elite sportspeople, and Special Forces soldiers, do you? But according to the world-renowned psychologist and best-selling author of TheWisdom of Psychopaths, Dr Kevin Dutton, the stars of such professions are psychopaths. You see, not all psychopaths are bad. Some of them are good and use their fearless, ice-cold personas for the benefit of society. In Psychopathica, one of the world’s leading psychopath experts reveals something truly extraordinary – that those who go where angels fear to tread often have more in common than you might think with the demons they rub shoulders with and that beneath the hype and the popular characterisation psychopaths have something to teach us.

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