Generation Ladywood

Ladywood is the district where both B:Music venues, Symphony Hall and Town Hall are located. Research conducted by the End Child Poverty campaign group found that 54% of children were living in poverty in Ladywood in 2019-20, one of the highest child poverty rates in the UK.

B:Music launched Generation Ladywood in September 2012, enhancing learning opportunities provided by Services for Education Music Services.

This long-term project connects Ladywood residents to music by:

  • Enabling school children to learn how to play music with professional jazz musicians;
  • Pop-up performances in school playgrounds;
  • Musical Picnics on-site and in Children’s Centres;
  • Supporting people – often in challenging circumstances – to attend concerts.

Importantly, the reach of our work is not just schools, but community organisations, and businesses. We have immersed 13,000 young people and their families in a world of music to support life skills, self-confidence, and well-being.

As a registered charity, we rely on your generous donations to enable us to immerse thousands of people in a world of music.