Whether you were born in the wrong era to see your musical hero live or prefer hearing the songs you love in a more intimate setting than an arena - a tribute act can be a great way to recreate the excitement and atmosphere of magical moments missed.

See the best tributes to your favourite stars on the B:Music stages at Town Hall & Symphony Hall.

List of Events

  1. Town Hall

    Let's Get Together: Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra Celebration

  2. Town Hall

    Legend: The Music of Bob Marley

  3. Symphony Hall

    Celebrating Meat Loaf Featuring The Neverland Express + Caleb Johnson

  4. Symphony Hall

    Rob Lamberti Presents Perfectly George

  5. Symphony Hall

    The Australian Pink Floyd

  6. Town Hall

    The ELO Show

  7. Symphony Hall

    Mazz Murray: I Only Want To Be With You

  8. Town Hall

    Disco Inferno

  9. Town Hall

    Country Roads

  10. Symphony Hall

    What’s Love Got To Do With It?

  11. Symphony Hall

    The Bootleg Beatles in Concert

  12. Town Hall

    Talon: The Best Of Eagles