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Symphony Hall

Did You Know?

Widely considered one of the finest Concert Halls in the world, Symphony Hall sits in the bustling heart of Birmingham City centre and as well as being home to the CBSO also hosts the best in jazz, world music, folk, rock, pop and stand-up comedy. The Hall also plays an important role in the life of the region and is regularly used for community events, graduation ceremonies and conferences.
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It is not only easily this country’s finest concert hall, but also assuredly among the world’s best

Sunday Telegraph after the inaugural concert in April 1991.

Symphony Hall: An Acoustic Marvel

Symphony Hall is an architectural triumph and one of the world’s best concert acoustically. It’s built in the traditional shoebox shape of the great 19th century halls, but with innovations developed by renowned acoustic consultant Russell Johnson.

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Reverberation Chamber

The reverberation chamber is a 12,700 m3 void equivalent to 50% of the Hall’s volume. A series of huge, concrete doors open from the Hall and can be adjusted to create the required degree of echo.

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Acoustic Canopy

This can be lowered to 10 metres above the stage, creating a smaller space to focus the sound of a small ensemble.

For a symphony, we achieve an expansive sound by raising the canopy to the roof.

Organ And Canopy Credit Mike Gutteridge

Acoustic Panels

We use these in conjunction with a huge curtain of tightly woven fabric, which is hung from ceiling to floor at the rear of the platform.

These absorb much of the sound energy, reducing the reverberation so that amplified music and speech can be heard more clearly.

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Flexible Staging

We can remove the front 3 rows from the Stalls to extend the platform area or to form an orchestra pit below ground.

We can also move the wooden risers off stage to create a large, flat space suitable for dance, pop concerts and conference presentations.

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