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An End To Be Proud Of was a unique project funded by Birmingham City Council Public Health and Hospice UK, where B:Music invited members of the LGBTQ+ community to open up conversations about end of life, ageing and dying well, through song writing, poetry and performance.   Featuring a series of creative workshops led by artists and facilitators from the LGBTQ+ community and our partners at Birmingham Hospice, it’s aim was to provide a safe space to have conversations about issues that are complex, often uncomfortable and rarely discussed openly.

The project culminated in a showcase in the Jennifer Blackwell Performance Space at Symphony Hall, where reflections and thoughts from the sessions were shared with the audience. Participants and artists took to the stage to perform pieces inspired by the project. For many this was a hugely cathartic and valued experience and demonstrated the impact of the project on those who took part.

B:Music would like to thank the project funders and facilitators as well as the artists and participants for joining in this special project, bravely sharing their personal experiences and helping to break down the barriers involved with talking about this challenging topic.

The artists were:

Jasmine Gardosi – Birmingham Poet Laureate

Bethany Slinn

Emilia Quinn

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Individual Performances

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