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We are devastated at what the recently announced Birmingham City Council cuts could mean for Birmingham and the impact that they would have on people’s daily lives across the city.

The arts, culture and heritage industries play a vital role in the economic and social life of our city; enhancing people’s lives, supporting jobs and putting Birmingham on the world-stage.

In the face of ongoing austerity and reduction in public funding, alongside covid and rising inflation, the arts and culture sector has continued to be resilient. We remain open, and continue to welcome audiences, work with communities, and support artists in Birmingham, the UK and internationally; and as the sector responsible for the talent, development, and inspiration pipelines for the UK’s global economic and reputational success, we don’t plan on stopping.

The city council’s proposals would see investment in the cultural sector cut by 60% in 2024 and 100% in 2025.

These cuts will impact B:Music and many of the great organisations that we work with across the city. However, we remain resolute in our commitment to make lives better with music, through performance, participation and learning.

As members and affiliates of Culture Central, we continue to work together to advocate for the vital work taking place across Birmingham’s cultural sector. We call for creative solutions towards continued investment in the arts and commit to collaborating with the council on a clear strategy to secure a bright future for our city.

How you can help

1. Write to your representative to share why Culture matters to you using the email image linked below and ask them to continue to support and find ways to invest in culture.

You can find your local councillor here: Find my local councillor

You can find your MP here: Find my MP

2. Share an image on social media of what culture and creativity mean to you between the 27th of February and 6th of March 2024.

Tag some of the places you value and that matter to you. 

Use the #CultureMatters hashtag

Images should show what creativity and culture mean to you personally:  this might be a picture you’ve created, you visiting a museum, playing your guitar, dancing, going to the theatre or being on stage, going to festivals, reading a book, popping into a gallery over your lunch, volunteering in culture, taking part in a family creative activity, watching a film and so much more.

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