Commission Opportunities

The PRSF & B:Music Commission

The PRSF & B:Music Commission is a unique funded talent development opportunity for Midlands based music creators to develop a new piece of collaborative work. This year we are looking for exciting cross-genre projects that pair Jazz alongside any other non-Jazz genre of music. We want musicians to explore sounds beyond their boundaries and work with artists they would not traditionally work with. The project aims to showcase two different styles of music coming together, allowing two different audiences to interact and explore sounds they may normally not encounter in a single performance. We are looking for bold expressive proposals that will take you beyond the boundaries of your own music and excite audiences. This project is a great opportunity to experiment, take risks and ultimately have fun.

Recent projects that we have commissioned include It Gets Lighter From Here (2020), Now Is Not The Time For Silence (2020) and the Jazzlines Residency.