Experience your favourite films on the big screen accompanied by live music. Forget surround sound, B:Surrounded by the sound of top musicians performing the film score exactly as the composer intended using high tech prompts to align precisely with the film. This isn't just a film with great music, it's a B:Music experience not to be missed...

List of Events

  1. Symphony Hall

    Rocketman Film with Live Orchestra

  2. Symphony Hall

    Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse – Film with Live Orchestra

  3. Symphony Hall

    Blade Runner Live

  4. Symphony Hall

    Life on Our Planet: Live in Concert

  5. Symphony Hall

    Twilight in Concert: The Film with Live Band

  6. Symphony Hall

    Love Actually In Concert: Film with Live Orchestra

  7. Symphony Hall

    The Holiday: Film with Live Orchestra

  8. Symphony Hall

    Avatar: The Last Airbender In Concert

  9. Symphony Hall

    Top Gun: Maverick - In Concert