National Open Youth Orchestra - Birmingham Centre

National Open Youth Orchestra By Steve Burnett Smaller

The National Open Youth Orchestra (NOYO) is a world first, an ambitious orchestra launched in September 2018 to give some of the UK’s most talented young disabled musicians a progression route. It promotes musical excellence, empowering disabled and non-disabled musicians aged 11-25 to rehearse and perform together as members of a pioneering ensemble.

National Open Youth Orchestra members are supported to develop their skills through one-to-one tuition, rehearsals and concerts. 

Apply for an audition 1-31 March

The National Open Youth Orchestra (NOYO) is calling out for talented 11-25-year-old disabled and non-disabled musicians to join rehearsals in Birmingham, starting from September 2020. 

We're looking for young musicians on acoustic or electronic instruments, who can demonstrate significant musical potential, and have the determination to persevere musically and personally.  

Young people facing barriers to musical instruments but who control assistive technology or a communication aid (such as an EyeGaze computer) to a standard that could translate to playing an electronic instrument, such as the Clarion, are also invited to apply for an audition.

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