Jazzlines believes peer mentorship is a powerful tool in developing teaching skills.

The scheme is open to musicians aged 19-26.

Successful applicants will receive 2 workshops with a professional jazz educator and will then be paired with a mentor on the Jazzlines Summer School, where they will work alongside the lead and support tutors to deliver workshops to young musicians aged 11 – 19 years old.

All sessions are delivered from ear and cover a range of topics including jazz repertoire, theory and harmony, ensemble playing and instrumental technique.

Successful applicants will need to attend two teaching workshops 2 in July, and the Jazzlines Summer School which runs from 23rd – 27th August 2021. They will also be required to fill out a feedback questionnaire at the end of the scheme.

Successful applicants will be paid £50 for each of the seven compulsory sessions.

Application deadline: 25th June