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When we build a relationship with you, we identify connections between your values and our internationally renowned artistic programming and charitable objectives - building a mutually beneficial partnership with measurable results.

We offer many opportunities to grow your business and connect with stakeholders. These include:

  • Joining our Corporate Partner Scheme
  • Sponsoring events
  • Advertising in our venues, at events and through our media
  • Supporting community projects
  • Purchasing naming rights to space in our Halls

Generation Ladywood

"As BHSF is situated in Ladywood, we are acutely aware that a high proportion of the local children lack some of the advantages of those in more affluent areas. We have therefore supported THSH to help them provide a range of musical experiences in Ladywood schools. We are glad to see these projects, alongside the efforts of talented teachers, help to enrich the lives of children and, hopefully, extend their musical horizons."

- Peter Maskell, Former Group Chief Executive, BHSF Group Limited

Staff Benefitscheme Generation Ladywood

"Our work in the community covers a wide range of organisations and age groups, but our involvement in the creative arts is especially strong. 

Working with THSH has made it clear to me what a positive influence music can be for young people."

- Stewart Wren, Chief Executive, Service Birmingham

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