About MFY National Festival: Youth Citizen's Assembly

Have your say in influencing the future of the music industry!

We are delighted to be holding a Young People’s Citizens’ Assembly for Music at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall.

This is an opportunity for young people aged 16-25 from around the UK to come together to shape their future in music. Participants will have the opportunity to question key figures, network, gain knowledge about the music industry and discuss the state of music policy. Topics will include: Quality and diversification of music education, access for SEND, rural and low-income families, industry career opportunities, and access to information. The day will conclude with a manifesto from young people, which will include a series of recommendations presented to government and policy makers.

This is a pilot event, co-curated by young people from Lancashire and Tri-borough music hubs, in collaboration with Music For Youth.

If you are a young person that cares about music education and is thinking about a career in the music industry, have your say in what the future of the industry looks like and come along and join us.


  • Networking: 10:00am - 10:50am
  • Assembly Panel: 11:00am - 12:00pm
  • Roundtable discussions: 12:15pm - 13:15pm
  • Manifesto: 13:15pm - 14:00pm