About Jazzlines Commission: un.procedure & Orbits CQ

Piera Onacko and Chris Young are emerging Birmingham jazz musicians who have been paired with national artists as part of the Jazzlines Commission, an initiative to support local talent.

This performance will showcase the music they have written together over the past 12 months, supported by B:Music to connect and create throughout the pandemic.

Piera Onacko and Cassie Kinoshi present un.procedure, a new project which takes a deep and exploratory dive into free improvisation, heady soundscapes and tight, angular grooves. With live electronics at the band’s heart, they have teamed up with Birmingham based drummer and electronic artist Nathan England-Jones to collaborate as a trio. Expect a set that jumps from the aurally jarring world of early sci fi film scores to spiralling krautrock passages. Birmingham artist and photographer David Stanley (GURIBOSH) has been following the band’s creative process, with a suitably surreal visual accompaniment planned for the launch and beyond.

Orbits CQ is a cross scene collaboration between Birmingham and London based saxophonists Chris Young and Riley Stone-Lonergan.

The work explores a deep interest in the physical and theoretical workings of the universe and their relationship with western musical systems and jazz composition.

Abandoning the traditional jazz line up of a comping instrument this chord-less quintet explores a more contrapuntal approach to composition, creating shades of harmony through the interaction of 4 single line instruments. The music draws on the erratic yet stable nature of our known universe, looking at the rhythmical quality of orbital and elliptical cycles, the explosive nature of major events such as black holes and star creation and the underlying beauty of our unimaginably vast existence.

The annual Jazzlines Commission is funded by the PRS Foundation

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