About B:Music Presents: Olalekan Babalola, Tales of The Orisa's

Master multi-percussionist and Grammy award winner Lekan Babalola and multi-instrumentalist Kate Luxmoore combine forces to create an evocative world in words, music and images. The quintet tell Osun's Story - using the 'orisa' deities of the Yoruba people of modern-day Nigeria as a metaphor to explore the waterways and, crucially, metal founding in Birmingham that played such a prominent role in trade in substances and indeed people. Imagery of Nigerian artefacts from the University of Birmingham’s Africa (Danford) Collection is added to the melting pot.


Kate Luxmoore: Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Vocal

Colin Peters: Bass

Robbie Moore: Piano/Keyboards

Marcus Copeland: Drums

Lekan Babalola: Percussion/Vocal

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