About B:JazzFest: Shanty Town - A tribute to Ruth Kokumo Noah

Running time  Start 5:00pm, Finish 6:30pm

On December 9th 2022, we lost Ruth Kokumo Noah after her ongoing journey with Lupus and Sickle cell. Ruth was the most beautiful soul; a loving daughter, sister, auntie, friend, artist, musician and the brightest light in our community.

If you have been in Birmingham over the past few years it is highly likely you will have heard of Ruth, and her ever evolving collective of musicians; The Ark. Up until last summer, Ruth and her band were all over Birmingham, gearing up for festivals and the many gigs that were flowing their way. If there was a gig to be played or a jam to jump on, you would find Ruth there, commanding any stage like a true lionness.

On stage, she was at home, she was in control. There she could share her music, songs, poetry, transcendant energy and her unforgettable voice and presence which was undeniably comparable with that of the greats. Ruth would have audiences in the palm of her hands, feeling every single emotion with her, from heartbreaking vulnerability to roaring fearlessness. She was and will always be a force of nature.

Considering everything Ruth battled on a daily basis, this was clearly where she took back control, and it was breathtaking, every single time.

Ruth wasn't only generous on stage, it was in her day to day life too; her adoration for her family, being the most supportive friend, the art she created, her mental health and music work, the events she hosted creating safe, warm enviroments for her community to gather, share their creativity and express themselves and of course the work she did for the charities she supported; The Sickle Cell Society and Lupus UK. Ruth made time for people, made people feel loved and heard, and wanted everyone to succeed with her.

Ruth Kokumo Noah constantly reminded us to count our blessings. Our greatest blessing was to have had this sensational, kind, hilarious, talented soul as part our community, in our family. Your light will continue to shine through all of the art you have created, the treasures you have left behind and the souls you have touched, you will never stop inspiring us.

To be asked to celebrate Ruth and pay tribute to her is an honour. It was difficut to know where to start, but one of the many things that Ruth taught us was how to respond to what life throws at us, even when it is incredibly unfair. So, if we are following in Ruth's footsteps, then coming together as a community, with her family and friends, to create and celebrate Ruth's life and everything she shared with us feels like the most natural thing to do. We will keep dancing to your songs!

For this performance we will be collaborating with members of The Ark, close friends of Ruth, Birmingham based musicians and artists and Shanty Town Collective to perform a selection Ruth's original material, plus songs by some of the great artists Ruth was inspired by and original music from some of Ruth's close friends.

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