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Free live music in transformed spaces at Symphony HallParaorchestra with Charles Hazlewood

Paraorchestra: The Anatomy of the Orchestra – Performance 1



Paraorchestra with Charles Hazlewood

The orchestra is a thing of wonder, and of mystery. Many musicians making a perfect collective sound; how does this happen? The Anatomy of the Orchestra provides a unique opportunity to climb inside this perfect team and explore its inner workings.

In this part installation, part concert; audiences are invited to wander the ensemble, creating their own sonic mix and experiencing the individual sounds of musicians as they play. Fifty-one musicians are spread across Symphony Hall foyer to play The Four Sections, a rare work for symphony orchestra by the highly influential American composer Steve Reich.

Led by conductor Charles Hazlewood and performed by musicians from Paraorchestra playing a mix of traditional and electronic instruments, The Anatomy of the Orchestra promises an inclusive, 360-degree feast for the eyes and ears; an extraordinary sonic adventure.

When I was eight, I was watching an orchestra rehearse from the empty auditorium and the conductor said to me, “why don’t you come and sit amongst us?” This was my first, ecstatic experience of what I can only describe as being in a sonic power shower, the elation of being submerged within this beautiful collective instrument, with multiple colours and textures cascading from all directions. The power, the delicacy, the immediacy, the combined momentum. The Anatomy of the Orchestra is my invitation to everyone to have that experience.

Charles Hazlewood

The Anatomy of the Orchestra is a standing / walking performance. Some seating will be available for anyone unable to stand for long periods of time. 

An introduction from Paraorchestra Artistic Director, Charles Hazlewood, will be British Sign Language interpreted. 

When you attend this event, you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By entering the event premises, you consent to such recording media and its release, publication, exhibition or reproduction.