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B:Music, the music charity responsible for Symphony Hall and Town Hall

The music charity responsible for Symphony Hall and Town Hall has been renamed, and from today will be called B:Music. Previously known as Performances Birmingham Ltd, B:Music better reflects the charity’s mission: to inspire a love of live music through performance, participation and learning.

In recent years, the charity has evolved into an organisation that earns more than 90% of its turnover from trading activities, which supports every aspect of what they do, from presenting international superstars on their stages to supporting emerging talent and creating first musical experiences for children in local schools. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the charity’s income stopped overnight

The Future of Live Music in Birmingham

The future of the charity responsible for Town Hall & Symphony Hall looks very different from the plans we began the year with.

Our music charity, responsible for both Town Hall and Symphony Hall, is a key player in the City and Region’s arts and cultural offer. We are so grateful for the generosity of you, our audiences, who have donated the value of their cancelled tickets to us and many others who donated during our worldwide digital broadcasts of a hugely diverse range of talent. This overwhelming support has enabled us to continue to support musical talent in the region and create new opportunities to enjoy and participate in music making. 

Our role will grow with the sector and regional economy. We will contribute by bringing live music back to our venues and opening our outreach and education programmes. Most importantly we need you our audiences to return too.  When you return, you’ll notice our charity name B:Music will be more visible than ever before. B:Music is the registered charity responsible for Town Hall and Symphony Hall and we have just one mission: to inspire a love of live music, through performance, participation and learning. 

Your visit to our halls enables us to fulfil that mission. A full-house for an international superstar on our stage ensures that we can continue to support emerging talent from the region or create first musical experiences for children in local schools.

I hope you will continue to support us by coming to our venues or making a donation so together we can continue to realise our ambitions through the joy of music for everyone. 

Anita Bhalla OBE, Chair of the Board 

Anita Bhalla

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